Welcome to Montex
An investor-protecting-system-introduced
Cryptocurrency Exchange
What is Montex Project?

Montex Project is the one which provides a virtual currency service
focused on Montex Market and Montex Wallet .
The main features of Montex are the following three.

A virtual currency trades using our own wallet
Stocks of start-ups are purchasable by virtual currencies
Various systems to protect investors are introduced

Challenges of the cryptocurrency world

While various services and technology are in widespread use in the market, infrastructure including development of legal system to protect users of those services has a long way to go to catch up with the speed of the diffusion.
Therefore, prompt reactions to deal with it are needed.

What Montex Project especially pays attention to is protection of users and development of legal system as shown above, especially in the field of security.

Montex Market
A cryptocurrency exchange managed
by a brokerage company

Montex Market is managed by Podgorica Securities which is listed on Montenegro Stock Exchange.

Montex focuses mainly on security and protection of users, as it will open Montex Market after establishing a rigorous management system with the cutting-edge technology integrated with Podgorica Securities and GARHI GROUP.


Unlike other companies, Montex Market has a unusual feature that a user can purchase stocks of start-ups by the use of virtual currencies.

* It’s the first in the world that a user can purchase stocks by virtual currency.

Funding is readily available for companies which want to raise money from the world’s first platform. This will be used as a place that not only start-ups but also ailing companies in business for decades will initiate a new business.

However, Montex has to let investors make an accurate judgement in investment in order to carry out such trades smoothly. Therefore, Montex will carry out site inspections, interviews with a representative, demand submission of financial statements for 3 quarters and let an investor check business plans through PDF.

As for site inspections and interviews with a representative, Montex shoots a movie, edits it for a company introduction and delivers it to an investor to make a better investment judgement.

An investor can purchase stocks by two currencies of ETH and MON tokens.

In addition, in case of stocks, unlike virtual currencies, one can read “company breakup value” from a financial statement, and the purchase demand generally rises when stocks reach at the price lower than company breakup value.

So, this system where an investor can purchase stocks of a growing company by a virtual currency will be very attractive also for those who own virtual currencies.

Also, Montex has a system which supports a step-up procedure of listing on Montenegro Stock Exchange with Podgorica Securities as the lead-managing underwriter after a company is listed on Montex Market.

Please make an inquiry separately if you (a corporation) want to wish to be listed on Montex Market.

In Montex Market, a user can trade by the use of our own Montex Wallet. That means that investors themselves can manage assets, not delegate the task to a stock exchange.

In a conventional way in which a secret key is managed unilaterally in a stock exchange, there is a possibility that your asset is at risk such as hacking there.

* Not a few cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coincheck and Cryptopia suffered damages due to hacking.

It is a little troublesome, but it’s safer not to keep your assets in a minor cryptocurrency exchange in terms of security.

Meanwhile, in case a user manages assets in a wallet, one should diversify assets wallet by wallet, not managing asset unilaterally at an exchange with the use of a secret key, so that risk of hacking may be decreased.

Also, at least, if each user manages a secret key tightly, one can manage his own asset safely as blockchain itself is difficult to be falsified.

Montex Wallet will be mentioned later.

Even if a virtual currency is already listed on a cryptocurrency exchange, a project doesn’t go well with the price going down, or, at worst, end in failure. Therefore, we’ve recently often heard opinions that a cryptocurrency exchange should take responsibility for surveilling virtual currencies that are traded there for investors.

In order to deal with problems shown above, Montex Market has a system to monitor virtual currencies and stocks that it deals with.

Montex obliges issuing entities of virtual currencies and stocks which are listed on Montex to do the followings.

  • Submission of documents of settlement
  • Requirement of a deposit
  • Submission of a report to show progress of a project for every quarter

Montex has a system in which a company can be delisted through a committee Montex established based on those documents above.

Virtual currencies that are listed on Montex are strictly surveilled and managed, but a project will possibly fail with price sharply going down due to an unexpected event.

In order to deal with such event, Montex has an insurance system.

When investors purchase virtual currencies, they can purchase the insurance by the use of Montex’s own token “MON”.

Montex’s insurance system is to alleviate asset-decreasing risk along with delisting by distributing fund deposited at the Exchange when the virtual currency was got listed in case an insured virtual currency is delisted.

The insurance can be purchased by the unit of 1 MON, and the total number of units can be decided with the total amount of deposit by the Exchange.

Investors can speculate so that they get profits with delisting by insuring a virtual currency that is likely to being delisted.

Montex Token (hereinafter called “MON”) is a token on Ethereum Network and used to support managing Montex.

MON can be used in the following ways.

  • A currency for settlement of transactions (UP to 50%OFF of transaction fee)
  • Payment for an insurance premium
  • Other expenses

Montex Wallet

  1. Simple and handy UI
  2. Easy remitting/receiving money
  3. A secret key management
  4. ETE based tokens can be used
  5. Multilingual Support
  6. Browsing transaction history
  7. It can manage multiple accounts in multiple terminals
  8. Smart contract audit

Montex Wallet ‘s security

  1. In case a user’s name and passward are leaked…
    1. This system is made, such that one can log in only from a registered terminal even if a user’s name and password are leaked. (Fingerprint identification)
  2. In case the server is being hacked…
    1. As for the managed server, Montex introduces high-security “2048bit RSA” which is also used for a coded message in SECOM and LINE.
  3. In case you lose a terminal…
    1. You can lock it from other terminal (a smart phone, PC and a tablet) by remote control.
      As a crypto asset in a wallet can be restored by a backup phrase, the backup phrase made at the time of signup should be kept so no one could find it.
  4. In case an e-mail is being hacked…
    1. A registered e-mail address can be changed in the application.
  5. Comparison with other wallets
Our Strategy and Project Plan
SEP 2018
Conducted site inspections at companies wishing to be listed in Montex Market.
NOV 2018
Started Montex Wallet air drop.
DEC 1st 2018
Released Montex Wallet in App Store and Google Play
DEC 30th 2018
Started using Montex Token[MON] in Montex Wallet.
DEC 2018
Completed a demo system of Montex Market.
JAN 2019
Started test-marketing of Montex Market and vulnerability test.
MAR 16th 2019
Open Montex Market
APR 2019
Renew Montex Wallet. Start coordination with Montex Market.
Start buying and selling by a smartphone
Start trading a virtual currency, Binary Option in Montex Market.
Binary Option can be traded by the use of Montex Token [MON].
JUN 2019
Complete a platform of allocation of new stocks to a third party in Montex Market.
Start providing a system to make financing easier.
JUL 2019
Coordinate with a bank in EU and issue Montex Card
It’s along with Master Card and Withdrawal and reception of money can be made by legal currencies through ATM in the world.
Planning to list Montex Token [MON] on another exchange.


Miyawaki Tadashi

Founder of Cybersecurity Zaidan, Garhi group and Montex.

In his entrepreneurial experience of over 10 years, he has worked in finance, banking, insurances, cybersecurity and blockchain technology domains. He is reputed in CSR for his initiatives like child-filter to prevent kids from cyber attacks and organizing dev camps for kids.

Masaaki Taguchi

An expert in distributed networks and blockchain cryptocurrency technology, his relentless efforts culminated in completed a mining farm. He is devoted to R&D in blockchain technology with advanced security.

Hikaru Oki
Head of Sales

With over a decade of experience in sales and promotion, he is led every product that come under his wing to a tremendous success.


Riaz Patel
Swift and BIC Advisor

Founder & CEO of Marchant Trading and Guarantee Limited
A financial specialist who develops private banks for rich people around the world and is in nine countries.

Simon Sharlock
Business Advisor(Binary Options)

CEO of Bitterz & Co.
A specialist who has been engaged in currency and futures trading in the financial asset division of UK HSBC for a very long time.


viber image
Anton Dzyatkovskii
Marketing and Risk Analysis Advisor

A successful entrepreneur, diplomatic negotiator, extreme seller and creative expert in marketing. He is a passionate and hardworking business leader with more than 13 years of experience in different positions within FinTech, Retail and E-Commerce.